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Judy Norton

Judy Norton was born in Santa Monica, California, on January 29, 1958. She began acting as Mary Ellen Walton in 1971 with the movie The Homecoming and continued in this role when it was decided to continue on with the series of The Waltons.
During the run of the show, Judy Norton married, and until the end of the series, was billed as Judy Norton-Taylor. In 1979 she made a television movie called Valentine. She continued her role as Mary Ellen Walton, throughout the run of the series, as well as appearing in the special Waltons movies, made after the series ended. During the later Waltons movies, however, she has reverted to using her original name of Judy Norton, having dropped the Taylor part.

Recently Judy has also filmed a mini series called Lost Daughter, as well as completing a guest spot on Millenium so life is obviously very full and busy for her.