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Ralph Waite

Ralph Waite (John Walton) was born in White Plains, New York on June 22, 1928. Before appearing in The Waltons, Waite appeared in several television series and movies such as Cool Hand Luke, Last Summer and The Borgia Stick. He also appeared in Five Easy Pieces, a film made in 1971, with Jack Nicholson and was so successful in this role that acting offers came his way. It was through the series of The Waltons though, that Waite became so well known, taking on the role of John Walton throughout the series, and continuing this role in each of the Waltons movie specials. The role of John Walton in The Homecoming, however, was played by Andrew Duggan.
During the run of The Waltons Waite also directed several of the episodes. Since then he has also directed other projects, as well as turning his hand to writing. Recently he has also been seen in a stage production of Death of a Salesman.

For many years, Ralph Waite has had political ambitions and most recently had hoped to be elected as the representative for the seat which Sonny Bono had held for many years. This campaign, however, was unsuccessful.