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Jon Walmsley

Jon Walmsley was born in Lancashire, England, on February 6, 1956. Before taking the part of Jason in The Homecoming and the series run of The Waltons, Jon provided the voice of Christopher Robin, in the Disney Winnie the Pooh movies.
Of course, Waltons fans would know that Jason is the musical one of the Walton family, and Jon is a talented musician himself, having played in a rock band following the run of The Waltons. After The Waltons ended, Jon also made a movie called Waiting to Act, in 1985. Apart from this and the other Waltons movies, Jon seems to have pursued a music career as opposed to an acting career.

Jon married Lisa Harrison, who played the role of Toni Hazleton in the series. Toni was Jason's girlfriend then fiancée in the series. By the time the movies of the 1990's came around, Toni and Jason had married and begun their family. In real life Jon and Lisa have a daughter, Brighton.