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Kami Cotler

Kami Cotler was born in Long Beach, California on June 17, 1965. She appeared in The Homecoming as Elizabeth, the youngest Walton, then went on to reprise her role in the subsequent series of The Waltons. After The Homecoming, Kami appeared a movie, The Heist, then in another television series called Me and the Chimp. It was "one of the most dismal failures of the 1971-1972 season" according to Alex McNeil in his book, Total Television. Her role as Elizabeth grew as the series went on and she has returned to reprise this role in each of the subsequent Waltons movies.

Trivia buffs of The Waltons will know that on several occasions, Kami's real life brother, Jeff Cotler, joined her on the set of The Waltons and appeared as a guest actor in the show.

To my knowledge Kami did not continue to pursue her show business career after The Waltons left our screens. She did, however, go on to train as an elementary school teacher. I am told that when she visited the Waltons Mountain Museum she fell in love with this area so much that she decided to settle nearby.

During 1997, Kami and her husband became parents, welcoming their little son Cotton into their family.