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Richard Thomas was born in New York City, NY, June 13, 1951. He was just seven years old when he appeared on Broadway in Sunrise at Campobello in 1958. Soon after he appeared in a television presentation of A Doll's House co-starring alongside Julie Harris, Christopher Plummer and Hume Cronyn. This was in 1959.

Between 1969 and 1971 he made several television movies, including The Homecoming which lead to the role of John Boy Walton in the series. Richard remained with The Waltons until the end of the fifth season, when he left the show to pursue his acting career further. Whilst playing John Boy, however, he was still able to make several more television movies, including The Red Badge of Courage in 1974. He also directed several of The Waltons episodes.

During the 1990's he has also received critical acclaim for his stage roles in Shakespeare's Richard 11 and Richard 111. He has recently made some television appearances in episodes of Touched By an Angel and The Road Home. He is also listed as being the narrator on several audio books, including Earl Hamner's The Homecoming. Richard obviously has other talents too, as he has had already had two books of poetry published and is working on a third. He is the father of Richard and triplet daughters, Pilar, Barbara and Gwyneth from a former marriage. More recently though he has remarried and Richard and his new wife have since celebrated the birth of their first baby.

Judy Norton was born in Santa Monica, California, on January 29, 1958. She began acting as Mary Ellen Walton in 1971 with the movie The Homecoming and continued in this role when it was decided to continue on with the series of The Waltons.

During the run of the show, Judy Norton married, and until the end of the series, was billed as Judy Norton-Taylor. In 1979 she made a television movie called Valentine. She continued her role as Mary Ellen Walton, throughout the run of the series, as well as appearing in the special Waltons movies, made after the series ended. During the later Waltons movies, however, she has reverted to using her original name of Judy Norton, having dropped the Taylor part.

Recently Judy has also filmed a mini series called Lost Daughter, as well as completing a guest spot on Millenium so life is obviously very full and busy for her.

Jon Walmsley was born in Lancashire, England, on February 6, 1956. Before taking the part of Jason in The Homecoming and the series run of The Waltons, Jon provided the voice of Christopher Robin, in the Disney Winnie the Pooh movies.

Of course, Waltons fans would know that Jason is the musical one of the Walton family, and Jon is a talented musician himself, having played in a rock band following the run of The Waltons. After The Waltons ended, Jon also made a movie called Waiting to Act, in 1985. Apart from this and the other Waltons movies, Jon seems to have pursued a music career as opposed to an acting career.

Jon married Lisa Harrison, who played the role of Toni Hazleton in the series. Toni was Jason's girlfriend then fiancée in the series. By the time the movies of the 1990's came around, Toni and Jason had married and begun their family. In real life Jon and Lisa have a daughter, Brighton.

Eric Scott was born in Los Angeles on October 20, 1958. Eric appeared as Ben Walton in The Homecoming, and went on to play Ben during the run of the show, as well as in each of the subsequent Waltons specials.

During 1981, Eric also appeared in a movie called The Loch Ness Horror, but he appears to have done little else in show business. Following the run of the show, Eric became a courier driver and has become very successful in this company. Eric is another of the Waltons who can be seen at some of the Hollywood memorabilia and collectible fairs.

Eric is the father of a little girl, Ashley, born early in the 1990's. Sadly though, Eric's wife died of cancer, just a few days after Ashley was born.